Sunday, December 19, 2010

Traffic'JAM' only for innocents

I was so much disturbed when i was returning from my day job after long 10 hours of work in the office,i was made to wait in the road for more than 30 mins in a single place just to ensure that the protocol convoy of the Cheif minister is not Blocked.Couple of years when Jefrey archer was in chennai , he had the same incicident and he made the comment if this was in UK he will not survive on his post.. But we are in Poor india which is portrayed as Prosperous india..Rich gets richer and Poort becomes poorer..

for a single person to travel on the road he so many escorts, convoy, Traffic halts etc. i was just wondering if these people don't get involved in this kinds of common issues, how can they resolve them..

It was just funny that this people are our law makers !!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Price of Life In our Country - India

I was so worried on last week , it was continuous disaster for lot of reasons.
1. There was a Mangalore Flight accident
2. There was Trail derailment
3. There was a sabotage on the train track by some bad elements in Westbengal which caused death >100 people..

So many lives has been lost on all the above 3 incidents..but i havent seen out all the common people ( including me) have been disturbed on that.

we dont even have courtsey to join together to pay a condolence to this people..

in other countries the "lives " are given so much price.

but here everything is politics..

Even the tran accident that occured in Westbengal is being politicised...

It is so bad..we have to start raisig voices on this kind of things....