Monday, July 2, 2007

India a giant in IT or ITES ?????

I know i am scrubbing a very big topic..but this is allways in mind
Are we doing a positive progress in the Information techonology ?
Are the IT giants in india are growing rapidly in the Information technology or ITEnabled services?
Are we doing great in Technolgy or in services..
Ok someone will think what do i mention about Technology or Services ?

"Techonology" in my aspect is like CISCO are master in networking networking is a technology
"Services" is if a custome need to know how to set up a lan or WAN then if we guide him by some step by step procedure then i term it as services...

where does the Question come for Techonolgy vs servcie..

this question arises me since for the large part of my folks or companies i hear about is some form of support to some type of technology ..

i rarely hear some one telling me that he is working in development of new technology ..

i rarely see a job advertisement requesting for a high skilled brains ...

so this is all takes me back to square - where are we heading ?

I think more about this becuase if we are strong in the technology then we will be a long runner in the race of information technology or we will have a safe position inthe journey of information highway.

Is the IT giants doing good they consider the social responsibility they are really having upto..
the fear on this terms raises since for any service industry we are going to be considered for Cost more than quality ..

for any Technology industry i feel it is going to be vice versa..they are ready to pay any cost if the quality is good..

since currently we are getting lot of challenges inthe service industry from latin-america,china and other geographically easily accesible countries..
and if we are not competitive to shift a Service industry -say a call centre operating in Gurgaon India to Brazil doesn't takes a big effort than "routing" the calls to brazil and disconnecting all the calls to india.( considering all the infra,training are previously taken care)

I will be very happy if we are progressing great in some technology ...

may be with my limited knowledge i am arguing more..

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