Monday, April 28, 2014

5 Km in 30 Mins Training Log

The challenge is to bring down the 5KM below 30 Mins in First phase and scale up on the Distance from that.

Day 1 :
* Distance 5 Km
* Pace  6.26 Min/KM
* Warm Up - 10 Mins
* Post Run - Plank 20 sec X 3 / Burpee 10x 1 set.

* Distance 5 Km
* Pace  6.44 Min / KM
* Warm Up - 5 Mins
* Post Run - Plank 20 sec X 3 / Burpee 10x 1 set.

Good : No pain in the Tabia , which was high yesterday. 

Day 3: May 06/14
*Distance - 5 Km
* Pace: 7.5 Km/Min
* Warm up - 5mins
* Post Run : Plank 30 Sec X 3 / Burpee 15x1 /10x1 / 5x1

After a break of 5 days i am restarting this run. My goal is to complete 5Kms in less than 30 Mins. Today it has gone from 32 to 39 Mins. May be the long break has spoiled the rhythm. Need more focus.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Football Coaching Camp

It was very pleasant and nice to see the pachiappas harrington football academy's summer coaching camp. Every year this camp happens in the pachiappas college. This team is one of the best teams in the chennai football circuit. This coaching camp is for one month ( i guess) they dont charge a big money for it. It starts from small kids.
One best thing i like is the complete set of Kit bag that they provide with jersey, socks, shorts etc.

The organize it very well and every day it starts @ 6.00 Am. Kudos to the kids and parents who are showing interest in the football.
If you are looking for more detail leave a comment to answer the same.


Farewell to my First Running Shoe

Thanks for this power shoe... the first  shoe of mine which have traveled with me for 4 years. The first 2 years have been my solo running partner until i bough my Ascics. After that this shoe become  back up during the rainy days and for tough terrains. Remembering the TCS10K,ATHM2011,KTM2012,CTC2013 all this have been run with this running.Will always remember my first shoe which i brought for this running journey.. need to find the next POWER shoe for the OFFROAD running. Thank you !!!