Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Cycling to Thol @Ahmedabad

           My original plan was to go for a Off Road cycling by taking bike for rent on Saturday evening, but my work was only over by 8.30 PM and i was aware that @revolution bike store is closed by then, so i didn't call them back.
                  But as i reached back my guest house, my friends ajay was asking me about the  cycling trip as he is now getting hooked for the cycling. ( Previous week we went on the Canal Ride). So i called to Rahul and check if he had some slot and luckily he said he can accommodate Us. So both of us planned to start @ 5.15 to reach the Bike store early in the morning. This time i was saved by my wake up call @ 5.00 Am and managed to reach the Bike store @ 5.35 expecting that we will be last to reach. But surprised (Actually Normal) saw only few people making registration.The regular registration,Bike check , Intro was done for route and safety .
From the revolution bike store we reached the SG Highway > Sindhu Bhavan Road > Gotila Garden> SP Ring Road and reach the Shilaj Road. Until you cross this you will be on a high traffic area and once you take the Left turn on the Shilaj Road then you will find less traffic and not much heavy vehicles are on the Road. It was a a pleasant morning so weather was perfect and it was around 6.30 when we were crossing this places. Was happy to see some of the fellow cyclist and runner on the road. I reached the Canal and this time there was water flowing and it was very scenic to watch the fog on the water.  


As i was waiting for Ajay to reach then we started together. The road post this place is not smooth because of the recent monsoon but was fair enough to drive even on roadie. There were many peacock and peahens which were singing and dancing on the fields. Surely if my DSLR would have been there , it would have been delight of the lenses. I kept pedaling enjoying the outskirts of Ahmadabad and also some quick chat with fellow riders.

After a  little long drive we reached the kadi Road and and took left and nearly after 1 Km we found a Cyclist with Flat tyre and the support vehicle was already on the job to get them back to roads. We need to take a narrow road from here to reach the bird sanctuary and both sides of this road was like Green Carpets and it actually took back me to my own place were it is fully surrounded by farmland and water bodies.

When i reached there were already fellow cyclists and also the support crew ready with some energizing bars, Hydration etc. It was good to have a quick bite and met some new friends there and sharing their cycling experience and also about the place and the sanctuary. For  more details about the Thol Sanctuary is Click Here !! 
But i have already that this a huge lake with trees spread in midst of the water, which actually helps the birds to halt during their migratory season for resting, and also some of them stay back and build their Nest around this trees. The birds find it comfortable as there is not much of disturbances from the external elements. So round the year we will find many birds in such places and specific species only during the migratory season. 

I missed the group photo as was busy walking around the lake. As the sun was starting to come up every one started their ride back and me too joined the band. AS we followed the same route , the return was not much interesting but i enjoyed the ride and made some pits stops to watch the peacocks and lakes.

Look like this place is perfect for a Night Camping. Need to check the possibility soon and next one to be planned is the Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary !!

Happy to add one more cycling to my below previous trips

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Day 10 # Running - A Long Journey after small Steps

Finally the Day 10 is on ...and this is kind of a back to back running. As i have to complete my last running on sunday evening and starting my next day run on this Monday morning.
But of all this 10 days this days is the amazing one !! As i end this series surely the next one needs to be little longer in distance and days is what my mind says !!!

# Running - A Long after small steps.

            Not many will start enjoying the running in initial days as it is going to be tough to manage the initial days.  As all your things should get placed in order which includes your body accepting this strain, Your time being adjusted by the work, family, personal spend etc.

           But surely i can say in confidence that it is just matter of days and week for any of the above constraints to fall in place and you sill start enjoying the run and the benefits will be very explicitly exposed to you by yourself and also by others.

         Many days there is going to be war as you get up from the bed between the watch and your shoe. Whenever your shoe wins , you will be on the track or road or field running some distance.

        You will find yourself more organized in time, diet and planning also. As more planning is required as you grow up in the running regime. You need to plan your trainings, You need to plan your events accordingly you need to plan your event and for every event you need to plan your travel, stay like this. This will actually help you organized.

        This long journey gives many benefits for yourself and also indirectly for people around you also.
       All the above can only be experienced if you have not picked your running gear i bet do pick a one and catch you after your 10 X10 Series !! Happy Running.

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9 # What Distance to run ? 

2017-10-x-10-day -9- # What distance to Run?

Day 9 , this day was interesting as i have to take my friends for a cycling outing i planned to push my running to the evening. Managed to complete a 25 Km cycling on the outskirts and completed my 10 K running in the evening. The saddle sore was still there when during all my running. And the mind was feeling good and was end of the tired zone to complete this 10X10 running series.
                                Amazingly i am also about to complete my 10 X 10 writing series also. And i planned to write about the distance to run in this post.

#How much distance should i run ?

              There is no single distance that some one can recommend how much you should run. Since as you start running you will start understanding your body, how it responds to physical stress, how your hear rate beats, how comfortable after every distance, how your entire metbolism work pre/post/during run all matters.
                 But i can firmly say that you run until your mind and body is feeling comfortable.During the initial days you will find it tough to run event between 2 or 3 lamp posts,and after 2 or 3 weeks you will find that 3-5 Km is comforable to run and after 2-3 months you will find the 10 Km is not a big game.
               After you reach this level there is no fixed distance that you can be prescribed with. You will define your own course in running.

#The only  rule

        There is only one rule that you should follow is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. As we are running for the fitness, we should always be conscious in listening to your body. The body periodically tunes us and also sends signals in different form for us to listen.
         Every day is new and every second is unique so if you are not comfortable dont push your body beyond the limits. Even when there is a war between mind and body. Listen to your body and decide.

1 # Be Shameless

2 # Take Baby Steps

3 # Join a Running Group

4 # About Running Gears

5 # Warmup & Cool Down !!!

6 # Best Time to Run

7 # Why Register for a Marathon?

8 # Why Cross Training is Important? 


2017-10-x-10-day -8- # Why Cross Training ?

This is the Day 8 of my 10 X10 series.It is 8th Day and being Saturday gave me all excuse to wake-up late and complete my run and continue to work.
            The next topic i wanted to cover was on the importance of Cross training, which i myself lack and not focusing much.

What is Cross Training?

                     When you started to run and be with a running group or star discussing any forums then you will see this Term Cross Training being popping up in all discussion and more emphasize is given even more than running by many people.
                     As you start running regularly there is a set of motion that the body,muscle and mind gets recorded and get accustomed. Apart from the regular muscles there  is much of flexibility and strength is required for the same and other muscles in different forms.
                  So activities like Cycling, swimming, Core - Strengthening , Gym etc are being treated as part of cross training activities. And these are planned inbetween the run days.
In general most of the regular runners like to mix this cross training within the regular run schedule as 2 days/ week or once in a week.

You can read more about the Cross training here Eight-benefits-of-cross-training

1 # Be Shameless

2 # Take Baby Steps

3 # Join a Running Group

4 #About Running Gears

5 #Warmup & Cool Down !!!

6# Best Time to Run 

# 7- Why Register for a Marathon?


Friday, September 1, 2017

2017-10-x-10-day -7- # Why Register for an Marathon Event

            This is the Day 7 of my 10 X10 series. As the days goes the legs are becoming sore but not the mind. Have managed to complete 7 days and last 3 days to go. It was one of the bucket list for this year before i upgrade myself fully for more running. 
           Another best part along with running was that i planned to write and share some of my experience for the Newbies who wanted to start the running. And today it is about why to register and run a marathon event?

Why Register for  a Marathon Event?

                       If you have never run any event and if you have been already in the early stages of running , you have to immediately register for the event on the category which ever you planned to do. 
                       Registering for an event gives multiple benefits at least for the newbies as these days every event are becoming too expensive.


1. Experience:              

After hearing from many , reading about them still you will have many questions that will be unanswered,  but i gurantee you that the moment you register for an event all the questions will start getting vanished. And by the end of the event you will have nothing to ask but only experience to share. That is the biggest beauty of these marathon events.

2.High Spirit and motivation:

When you start running with 100 or 1000 or 10000 People you will experience the high volt energy every one carry from the start till the end of the event. You will experience many unknown souls encouraging you, pushing you to complete, congratulating you post run and you will get immense such that you will be reciprocating the same to many people in the event.

3. Meet the Mentors:

These events also provides opportunity to meet many mentors who will indirectly influence in a very positive manner. You will find many people in all shapes and sizes cruising you towards the finish line. you will be impressed with some of the people who overcome all the physical barriers and still participate in the running events. You also find people providing you all the tips and tricks to be consistent in the running.

4. Your First Milestone:

This memory will be everlasting and you will be carrying it as every green. And this will also help you to focus on the training as post registration to any event, you get emails on training schedules, plant, and many advice's on diet and hydration. 
        This will also help you to evaluate the results out of  the training that you have done and lessons learn't and course correction that you need to do.

When there are many benefits , the above are few which i feel them to be on top priority.

1 # Be Shameless

2 # Take Baby Steps

3 # Join a Running Group

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5 #Warmup & Cool Down !!!

6# Best Time to Run

Thursday, August 31, 2017

2017-10 X 10 - Day 6 # Best time to Run !!!

Day 6 of 10 X 10 

       It is Day 7 of my running 10 X 10 series i could not run yesterday for various reason but did not want to miss today. It was late in the morning but ensured that i will hit the roads and managed to complete the day 6. As i was running late i planned to touch on the topic -What is the best time to run ?

What is the Best Time to Run?

       There is no specific time to run as per my personal view is considered. I prefer to run in the early morning which by psycology keeps me active during the entire day but i have also run in almost in all the times. Early morning, Late evening, Mid night and in Noon during various events.
         And i have also seen people taking a quick break during the office lunch hours and making a quick 5k to 10K and of course this is not in India but in western countries. 
         More than the time what is important is how conditioned the body is and how comfort the mind is to manage this. Before any run even during practice or event many prefer to have a good sleep or less stress. So it is better to plan the timing so that you get enough rest before the start of the run.
         There is also different school of thoughts which prefers to run in the evening which  is because the body is already warmed up with series of activites that you would have done during the course of the day.

The best judge:

        So the best judge would be your own personal experience and also the work schedule and the calendar you follow. So irrespective of the time if you enjoy the run then time does not matter herer. #craZZyRunning.

If you like to read it in detail from the very experienced people then visit:

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

2017-10 X 10 - Day 5 # Warm Up,Stretch & Cool Down

Day 5 of 10 X 10

It is Day 5 of my running 10 X 10 series and it begin-ed with a high tale and twists. And it is going strong. Becoz of my travel i missed my  yesterday's routine and made sure that i run today. The odds were against me in terms of heavy rain and a misplaced package. But i some how wanted to complete today as from tomorrow it is count down only !!
In today's post i am writing about why it is important to do the Warm up , Stretches and cool down ? If you are a newbie and missed do read about my previous  posts about #1 Be shameless and  #2 Take Baby Steps

Why warm up?

Ideally if you are an active day and like to start your running at the end of the day , then your Joints & muscles are already active. But most of us prefer to run in the morning after a sound sleep. So before we start our running routine, it is important that we do minimum 10-15 mins of warm up, so that we increase the body temperature, Prepares your heart to be ready for the higher beats, Prepares the blood circulation to the muscles and signals all parts of the body to be prepared for the running. In simple terms it help to increase the flexibility and loosen the body completely.

This is very important so that you maintain your running profile to be injury free and also increase your performance.

Why Cool down and Stretch?

After every physical activity , we need to ensure that we do a proper cool down and stretching. Cool down will again bring back the increased heart rate, blood circulation back to normal stage.Post cool down stretching is required so that it will ensure that you have enough flexibility and avoid any stress on the joints and muscles.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

2017-10 X 10 - Day 4 # What Running Gears are Mandatory

It is Day 4 of me running  a 10 X 10 series . Today  switched from barefoot to my new Asic's Gel 2 running shoes. Glad that i have did 4 days and next 2 days are bigger challenge due to my travel.

I trust for the newbies , my earlier posts  about #1 Be shameless#2 Take Baby Steps 
and #3 Running in a Group would have been of little helpful and i planned to cover up on the next topic where every newbies post queries about the running gears that people are using.

As you start running in the groups you will find people with all fancy gears like Hydration Bag / Belt,Garmin Watches, Flying Shoes, Dry Fit apparel , Nutrition Bars, etc etc. So which one are the required Gears for you.

What are all the Mandatory running Gears ?

In my personal view the will power for you to run and a pair of strong legs is the first mandatory hear that one need to have. And post that whatever you add to them depends on your goal that you like to achieve, which eventually varies person to Person.

I like to list few gears that you need focus on 

1. Running Shoes: As a beginners a normal running shoe is better to start with. Even if that is a white canvas shoe that is also good. Start with a entry level shoe that should be fine to start with. Once  you find you are comfortable and you are planning to increase your running mileage more than 20-25 Kms per week then think of Buying your next pair of shoe which by then you would have become expert in reading review and analyzing your posture and foot type.

2. Apparel - The above logic applies for apparel also. Ensure  you are on comfortable clothing which suits Running activity, Climate in which you are running  and your body also.
You can start with any dry-fit apparel

3.Other Electronic Gadget - If you have a smart phone with a GPRS connection this can do all the basic requirement and later you can upgrade to all other accessories.

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Happy Running !!!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

2017- 10 X 10 - Day 3 # Join a Running Group

It is Day 3 of my running 10 X 10 series and after landing late in night i managed to start my running late @ 9.00 AM and completed it. As i had issues in my shoe i have to run barefoot.

In today's post i am writing about why it is important to start running in a group ? If you are a newbie and missed do read about my previous  posts about #1 Be shameless and  #2 Take Baby Steps

Why running in group is important ?
1. The running group will help you keep your spirits high and will motivate you in multiple ways.
2. You will get to know many fellow runners who have come across many struggles to be consistent in running.
3. You get many tips and tricks about posture, pace, hydration, nutrition etc.
4.  You will also get tips to plan your running goal.
5. You will get some running buddies who may give you a Lift, Wake up call etc.

and many more advantages of being in group can be experienced. 

How to join the Running Group? - Just google or search in face book or register for an running event - You will be wondered to see the numbers

In case if there is no group - Then you are luck to start the one and tag with other group.

Happy running.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

2017- 10 X 10 - Day 2 # Baby Steps

Day 2 of my 10 X 10. Always for any milestone we plan the day2 is more important to keep the momentum in live. In this 10 X 10 Series i also like to introduce the some of the basic points which many of the newbies ask generally to me and also in multiple forum.

The General Question - How much distance should i run daily? How do i run 5 KM or 10 KM?

The answer for this is simple - It is called Baby Steps.

#3. Baby Steps : Trust all would have experienced and noticed that as kids grow a little hand holding is required to make them crawl,stand, walk and run. This happens by nature and not much training. So is the Running not much research and training is required to start the running or any physical activity.

Just take baby steps, start with few meters of walk , jog and walk. So start moving slowly and the rhythm will follow you soon. These Baby steps are required to understand  our physical form ,evaluate them and increase or decrease the intensity progressively. This will also ensure that we do not end up in any injury or hurting ourselves. 
So follow this rule as #2 and keep moving and enjoy Running. 

2017-10-x-10 Day 1 # Be Shameless

My First 10 KM Run 

My First Half Marathon 

50 KM - Ultra - Lord Of Rings - Ahmedabad 

2017- 10 X 10 - Day 1 Be Shameless

I am attempting my 10 X10 running series once again for this year. For some one who is new to running this is about running every day 10 Kms for next 10 days. No Break during this days. This challenge is not driven externally but set by myself or generally every one puts their own challenge. Along with running i also decide to put one lesson on each day that i have learn't and which i recommend for newbies in Running. So in case if you have already run some running event and have participated in long distance running, you can close the browser and carry on then next job, if not then proceed.
#1. Be Shameless
One of the most challenging part i have seen when people ask me about how your run on roads, Don't people stare you, Is it not Awkward to run on roads, Why do you run at this age?
So if you had any such doubts then or if you have been pushing to start this running , then you need to take this first point of running is to be Shameless.  Which means don't mind others and just if you put your health as priority then be #shameless and start focus on running or any other physical fitness that keeps you happy.

The next people should be #shameless is about their physique and attire. I am fat , obesse - how do i run, How do i run on shorts or pants etc.  I reply them we need to run as we are not in shape and this is one physical regimen which we can help you to be back on form. Every one will agree that any marathon what we participate the 30  Year+ Age people outnumber the Younger age group. So all this people are on road to keep them fit and health. 
About the attire i request all to be on comfortable attire that helps them to run and to stay with all the "Performance Fabric" which is on the market. Unless you are on mission to win an Olympic gold medal.

My First 10 KM Run 

My First Half Marathon 

50 KM - Ultra - Lord Of Rings - Ahmedabad 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Give Back Session - Current Trends in the IT for MBA Grads

                        It was indeed a double delight when my travel plans was in sync with the planned guest lecture session to the SNT GAMSAT  college,an exclusive management education academy. As the complete audience was the MBA graduates the topic was aligned with one of the academic papers which was about the Role of the Information Management in ERP, E-Business, E-Governance,BigData, etc.
                  My current project was consuming all my time and i was not able to fully focus on the topics but as i planned to not to go more technical i managed to quickly wind up conceptually on the topics. But as i planned to give some take aways through the slide i have to rely on my transit time during my flights to complete the PPT.
                                      I reached the college as planned @ 9.30 am and had a good reception and discussion with the principal and with regular intros we started the session around 9.45AM. I tried to make the session more interactive and the response started to pickup after few of the casual talks. I was able to understand that the students had lot of questions but hesitant to throw it up to the speaker. So i have to pull them up with many leads and ensure the session was driven interactively. As they were of Management graduates i wanted to keep not much of IT terms but to drive the session with the business terms.
                            We had a quick break and during this break time had an opportunity to visit the facilities of the college. The college was completely Wi-Fi and it is completely accessible to the students , the library was good and the buy 1000 books per year with subscription to many journals and industry publications.It had computer lab with all latest statistical software loaded and for a bigger surprise every student has his own PC with 24/7 access. 

The second half had some more momentum as the topics was on the E-Business, Social Marketing etc for which the students had good response. And the topic on the E-Governance pulled us to discuss on some of the social issues and the roles of individuals etc.And considering the time limit i quickly wrapped up on the CMMI and other topics.
so during the conclusion when were about to wind up the whole session , the Assistant professor introduced me once again to the students that i was her own brother which ended up as sweet surprise to the students.
          I enjoyed the session and as i write this i was also given a good feedback from the students. I personally felt that students are still dis-engaged with the current trends of the industry. I have discussed few points and have to move forward to get them prepared to face the institutions.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Lord of Ring Road - SPRR Ultra - Dont Miss it.

It Was some time in the beginning of March there was an event posted in the Facebook about the SPRR 2017 and one my friend JaiHaithi (Ahemedabad) has shown interest on the same.As i checked for the details across it ended up in knowing about the route which was 76 Kms for and have to be done in the full ring road which means you will be running on the SP Ring Road.

 I wanted to give a try and immediately signed up for it was  mentioned that this will be a self supported Ultra run with no medals and any fancy stuffs across. So just to check on the endurance i registered myself. The whats app group formed after that was used to discuss and post about many things. The event which was to be a self support started to land with many support from many individuals in the due course and before the race day  there were many things that landed for the runners which includes there were multiple cars and volunteers en route  to help you.

As my recent second city is Ahmadabad i am now unofficially running with the ADR PNG group which has many "Running Souls"  who help all the beginner, amateurs, professionals to scale up . I did few runs with this group and have few familiar faces now.

April 8th Evening 6.00 PM and all the runners assembled in the decathlon for collecting the BIB and pre race updates.and post that the event was flagged of by the SPRR team.

As this was a long race i just planned to go by some distance and the circles which we will be crossing every time. The first 10 KMS was good and managed to complete in 1 Hour 15 Mins and later the  20th  Km came at 2.45 Mins. I was able to sense that my pace was coming down and the main reason i think is the improper hydration or excess intake of fluids that were going inside my body. When i reached the 30 KM mark i saw that i have consumed more than 5 hours for this. At the 30th KM we were served with some carbo (Idly) which was actually good and i felt that i had some of my energy back and i was able to push the 42km at 7 Hours this included my Run / Walk Strategy.
The last 6 KM become terrible as the weather was becoming cold and as the biological clock was pushing me for the sleep. I was reminding of some one telling me that always the 'The race starts after you covered your 3/4 distance". And finally managed to reach the 50the KM mark @ around 9 Hours, which was against my original plan of 8 Hours.
Even though i wanted to complete the 76 Kms considering the response my body was giving i felt to end at that point.
And Mr.Ameet who is known to all as Dadda gave me a good stretch and accommodated me in his car to switch my role as volunteer  for the remaining runners who were already ahead and were enroute towards the finish line. This helped me come across few of the determined souls across age groups pushing their body limits, challenging the mental barriers and carrying them towards the finish line. With tons of memories i say that i will conquer this Lord Of the Ring Roads if not this year surely in 2018 edition.

Lessons Learnt:
1) Proper Hydration  / Food intake during the Run.
2) Constant Pace to be maintained.
3) More Endurance practice/ Cross training