Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My First 10 K run

It was in 2011 this idea to run started and i wanted to start as i had many dreams when i was young. But never worked towards that.Early in my academic side i have run some long distance like 1500Mts and once i have attempted a so called marathon at my native.
I remember my child hood days where my house was next to a big ground and we have run some morning runs like that.
It was in 2012 it became serious since i have been influenced by two people who was passion on running and it has become my Goal of 2012 to run a long distance run.
I started reading blogs,experiences etc and a fine morning i started to search for a ground and later found that there was this amazing ground pachiappas nears my home.
I started a C210, which is called as a couch to 10K program. I put my palnning and scheduling skills to target my first 10K run which was scheduled on May27th2012 at bangalore.
I was not regular on my practice, i started with 2 Km and reached 4.5 Km distance in couple of weeks.I also rejoined my gym as many of the people suggested to add stretch and core along with the running.
So i enjoyed the run in the pachiappas ground along with so many elders,young people, children doing their morning workouts in their style.
As i wanted to try a 5km run i ran from choolaimedu to geminiflyover , it was my first 5km run but at the end of the run i felt some pain in my right knee and later i consulted a doctor.It was shocking to hear from the doctor that i should not run for next 2 weeks, which means i will have no choice to try a comeback but to run directly.
It was hard but i concentrated on my core/stretch workouts.
Lot of plans were done for this event, as my family planned to miss their annual get together in their native.so with heavy heart but with determination of atleast to walk and complete the race i started to bangalore.

I changed the strategy like below which was adviced from a senior member of the www.chennairunners.com group.
1) Enjoy the run
2) Cross the finish line without injury
3) Run Walk Run

With this 3 in mind i reached bangalore, with family we all went to collect the BIB and planned the run.
On may27 morning i started @6.30 Reached the kantverra stadium in bangalore, happy to see so many people, Did a group warmup with NIKE group and started for the race.

I enjoyed all the run initially i ran for 2kms and walked for 0.5 Kms and later i could not measure but i stopped for few seconds on the course.
But for a surprise i never fet the pain in the knee and was able to complete the reace at a timing of 1H 24 Min.
I was feeling so great and joined with my family later and handedover my medal as the gift to my sons 2nd birthday.

It was a great feeling and my journey has begun here.

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