Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KTM 2012-My 2nd HM

I planned to write about this once i reached back from the KTM 2012. After my Airtel Hyd Marathon i have not been to ground or not to the gym. ( So bad) . But have enrolled for this before by Airtel Hyd Marathon. all my travel tickets has also been booked.

so no excuse can be made and i also wanted to experience a Trail run. So clubbed some of my family outing along with this. Interestingly i have enrolled for my 2 Brother inlaws also for this event.

The train journey was good and got settled in the Hotel. I really liked the scenic places of the mysore. Went to the Bib collection centre collected the same. Took the vehicle drove till my starting point and the route was little worrying becasue it was not a nice pavement but with lot of mud and stones and completely remote.

On the race day, we reached the start line on time. met few of the fellow runners. Did some stretches and prepared for the run. Again put some planning of running for 4 kms and break etc. But never it worked in my previous experience.

Remembered my previous Halfmarthon since after 12 Kms i started struggling and the finishing 500 Mts was yet another sweet memories. Recollected them and motivated myself of running my second HM and thinking of other runners.

The flag off was on right time and it started with the FM and later for the HM. I dreamt myself running a FM in future for few secs. As our event was flagged off.. it is normal for me to stand behind to avoid the crowd and any crash. The route was muddy so lot of dust started flying around till i got a place where there were few runners. Since it was 6.30 Am the sun was about the come up and there was complete green paddy fields on one side and silent and cold cauery running on my next side.
Passing each KM was very good till my 8 th km and then i started feeling the pain slowly..again motivated me that we run for this pain and continued..i started seeing my full marathoners coming back.

The best part is the motivation that you get from the fellow runners, the cheer up you do for the struggling people and help you render to the unknowns..and all the one who runs here share one passion that is running.

waited for my 10.5km U turn. and way back after each kilometer i had to take a break for few secs jog a little and then get back to my pace. I was very happy when i was able to hear the announcements from the speakers, i knew that i am very near. So now the finish mark motivates me to move faster..and tried to do a  sprint at the finish line. One improvement from my last run is that it was so hard to cross the last 500 mts..but this time it was little simple.. But i love the run when you see the finish line and you push hard to cross it at the quickest. One another milestone for me personally as i crossed the finish line and the medal was given to you.

Great feeling ..and celebrated this joy with my family.

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