Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Muthu Marathon - Jan 13th Near salem.

I ended my 2012 with 3 continuous days of running for 10 KM , but could not do a start for the 2013. In spite of it  i have my first event HM for the event @ Muthu marathon on January 13th in Salem.

I wanted to write about this as i have run in the Hitech cities like Blr,Hyd,chennai,mysore and first time i will be doing a run in rural india. ( where i originally belong to). I decided to run this event after seeing the history that they are organizing this for the 16th year ( If i am correct). Just to support this intiative i will be participating and planned to enjoy the run and revisit those rural country side.

This event does not have any big advertisements, Sponsosrs, Preparations, set up. But still many runners are having them in their schedule. Even the registration fees is around 150 Inr and can be made a day before.

This is the first event that is asking for a fitness certificate for your BP and few other tests. I have seen this only in overseas where this is mandatory.

Read from some of the old blogs about this event  that it does not have any hi-fi fun , still i want to be part of to support the initiatives that has been started and one day in future i like to have such rural events to be a famous one.

In case if you are interested kindly write to I could not find the website once i find it i will update you .

happy running ...

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