Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pachaiappas Harrington Football Academy - Summer Camp 2013

As i completed my jog in the Pachiappas ground i heard about the opening ceremony of the Pachaiappas Harrington Football Academy - Summer Camp 2013. 

Actor Arya Distributing the Kit

It was very interesting to know that this is the 11th year that this camp is being organized. some of the points that i heard and noted are below.

Most of the coaches have played for different leading clubs and it is their own intrest and passion for the game ,is driving them towards this coaching sessions.

It was a great news that the 5 players from this college/club are playing the universities. I have many times witnessed the tremendous workouts that they do during their practice sessions.

They charge around 400Rs/Person for this camp, which is almost covered for all the basic expenses that is required for one full set.

It was nice to see Arya (Actor) who is regular visitor to this ground for football, was also present in the small function to encourage the sports and the kids.

One common thing most of them insisted was about the discipline towards the sports and the passion that they still hold after so much years.

I have seen the kids/ youngsters in the camp with the full gear. as everyone has a Kit bag,Stockings,Jersey and Ball.( Photo to be published next)

The used balls are being given as a free of cost for other suburban clubs , in the interest to promote the sports.

Felt , when such dedicated,passionate people are around this game will be flourishing.
Till may 15 if you want to witness this you can drop in at the Pachiappas ground,Chetpet. To see the kids getting ready on their sports journey!!!!

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