Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Simplyfly - By Capt.Gopinath

This is one book i always wanted to read. When the Deccan aviation was in the peak of the glory , i have read articles about his journey, but they were bits and pieces, after reading this book i came to know so much things about the amazing journey he has made up. The way he scaled up,  the journey everything is so beautifully illustrated.

I have never read a book in such a pace and i had this book last Sunday and i could not believe that i have completed yesterday night. The book should be in the mandate reading list if you are anytime into an entrepreneurship journey. The risks he has taken during every course of this journey and the patience he has planted to achieve this is enormous.

I read this book like a thriller novel and it has a sad ending with the mergers,selling etc. But across his  journey he really puts many things that  you can dot it down and can be helpful somewhere in your life.

When every one buys a rolex watch to showoff, he has been awarded a rolex watch as contribution to the organic farming, it surely displays the amount of enthusiasm , dedication, determination that he has invested even in such simple things.
He looks like is a man of innovation and many evidence are apparent and detailed out.

This books goes into my Read it , Read it again , Again , Again list.

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