Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Man who swam the Amazon -Martin Strel

One of the nicest book i have ever read. The man who swam the Amazon.. i took this book from the Connemara library, chennai and extended twice before i started reading this book..

This book is a Journal on Day to day activity of Martin Strel about 66 day swimming on the amazon river covering 5200 + Kms. 

It is very hard to imagine swimming 10 hours daily , in the midst of thick jungle , even for any emergency they dont have any access to any near by towns, hospitals.

Along this journey we will be able know abou the amazon forest, wild creatures, dangerous water creatures, Pirates, Natural disasters.

This 52 year old man did this for the cause of clean water. 

His determination in completing in midst of so many constraints and challenges is well described..and the author literally takes you along the time line. 

Nice one to read !!

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