Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Running 2013 - A wind up

I started this  year 2013 with so much planning in terms of running. All went well as plan, till the Mid January before i twisted my left leg by landing in a small pit.It pushed all my plans for 6 months. I missed almost all my booked events starting from the Auroville marathon,cool runners marathon, and few other runs. I consulted 5 different ortho and got cured from the final one.
I took part in the TCS10K in end may. felt happy to complete my 10K but ran the whole course so much conscious to avoid any more injury to land on my same leg.

When i again started my running routine, i faced some other challenges as i was knocked of viral fever twice and a surgery to remove the renal stones.
This killed my schedules planned for the KTM2013 mysore, Airetl Hyderabad and few other local runs.It almost took next 3 months when i again planned to start my running on september i had only 2 runs left on the calendar CTC 2013 and the TWCM2013. I registered for both the event and especially the TWCM2013 for my FM.
I was able to complete the CTC2013 and also did my first full marathon in chennai on dec 1 2013.I enjoyed every bit of my run in this course. Post this i did my first triathlon with the chennai trekking club in the olympic category. I could not finish my swimming but did well on my cycling and the running. One another experience that i cherished with the pain.

As the year folds for 2013 i feel like my running journey is starting from tomorrow as 2014 starts with new goals and destinations.

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