Monday, December 8, 2014

Back on Track

Feels good to be back on track !! Last Sunday i attempted my first HM after 5 Months of break , in the The Wipro chennai Marathon. I just wanted to finish this race.. this is my 8th half marathon but this time i had to do lot of preparation to over come the achilles tendinitis issue which took me off the road/track/trail for last 5 months.
It was a easy run till the 16thKm after which i  was feeling the sme  pain but it didin't get bad. I was able to manage the same to complete it in a 2.50 Mins.

The finest thing that makes me to feel strong is that today again i am able to make a 9.9Km run in 1.23 mins. ( with 2 Flyover repeats)

So that makes me feel that i am " Back on Track".

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sathish natarajan said...

Nice to know boss.. Wish you slow and steady recovery..