Thursday, April 23, 2015

#‎NoPlasticChallenge Day 1

The Chennai Trekking club , as part of the CHENNAI COASTAL CLEAN UP  has initiated the ‪#‎NoPlasticChallenge‬. The migration of our history to the plastic world does not go long back , i guess it should be just one or two decade old. It is not completely harm in using plastic(Still we can avoid) but the whole problem raises in disposing and recycling. In spite of the usage for couple of decades, the waste we have generated is so huge that it will take many many decades to segregate,create awareness and take bake to the normal non-plastic or less-plastic era that we were.
  ‪#‎NoPlasticChallenge‬ This is to bring awareness to the people to cut down the usage of plastics,increase awareness on the proper segregation of the plastics and recycling of plastics. As my friends are taking many steps, i have been invited by my friend 
Murali ( The Flying Singh of Chennai) to take up this challenge.

As part of it for next 5 days i will try my best to avoid the plastics and will continue the same in the future.

This was one of the long pending items to change from the TXXXXware ( Plastic) tiffin box to a Silverware one, decided to start this one. The silverware's does not come with fancy stuff like the other ones, but for sure they are harmless, Rigid and has long life. One more amazing thing as i started packing food on this one, i traveled back into my old memories of the school days / hostel days, where we share the food, open the box during school hours and much more. Many of my friend and their menus flashed back. This surely connects me back to the roots.

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