Friday, May 29, 2015

Srivilliputur and Shenbaka Thoppu- A Short Trek

We visited the place a year ago but still is evergreen in memories, so i planned to pen down the experience of shenbagathopu.. This place is 5 kms away from srilvilliputhur and you need to take your own vehicle to reach this place.In the entrance there is small forest check post and few shops in case if you like to buy anything, you need to buy here after this there is no shops. So better to buy water and few stuffs that you like to carry along with you.It was in the month of may that we were on the way exploring along with my cousin. we were two and we planned to move forward.We expected to have some water as there were some showers a few days before.The first stop we did was in this small water check dam. There were bunch of village boys enjoying their swim and relaxing from the hot sun. Seeing the DSLR they wanted me to click some pics,i clicked a few and shown them in the viewfinder. They enjoyed the photos and every one started posing with their diving skills.

we had some good fun  with this young kids shooting for some time and then we started walking on the forest route, the road started becoming narrow and there were huge bushes on both the sides, we were following this route to ensure we do not get lost. In spite of the hot sun, the green bushes and the forest actually kept us little cool.We were enjoying the huge mountains that were surrounded around and were talking about the nature and kept moving.
Now it was around 45 mins and were almost in the interiors on the way towards to falls and we need to cross this small stream, we sensed that there is going to be no water in the falls since the stream was very dry and no signs of water flowing in them in recent days. The few streams which we  found some water also was not flowing and it was stagnated water. Feeling the unluck we decided to head back to the other side of the start point to just go on drive in the bike that we came inside the forest. We were lucky to see a deer and which was roaming around to find some water. It vanished in second as it sensed that we are zooming our camera towards it.

Now the sun was fading on the other side and the huge mountains were actually making us feel the late evening by 4.00 Pm itself. Now we decided to head back to the town and have some fun on the summer festival which was already happening there.
We already noticed that every one was ready seeing the folk musicians beating their drums in high spirits. We enjoyed the evening along with folk music and the other function that was happening in the temple.

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