Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Chennai Coastal Clean up 6 - June 7 2015

Chennai Coastal Clean up driven by the Chennai trekking club once again made us to remind the important role that every one needs to play in saving our "Mother Nature".
This event is definitely different from the drive that was from the last editions. When the previous editions were more focused on single day, but this time the focus moved from single day to "Every day"
                            Even before the date was announced and the event was planned there were many events in supporting the "Mother Nature" . The Green wing of CTC, Ainthinai had huge road map in creating awareness in planting trees. One of massive project is plantation of 1000 Saplings in thenneri near Walajabad , Kancheepuram. And a periodic maintenance at least once in a month has made the saplings grow healthier and stronger.
                        The awareness campaign in terms of #Noplasticchallenge insprited many to move forward on their vision to avoid plastics and also create awareness in proper recycling of waste. Many individuals started this practice of avoiding and also inspiring others to join this big challenge. 
                       The Flash mob which happened IT parks, Marina Beach,Shopping malls along with the "Street Plays" created huge awareness among public, individuals and also corporates.
              Many volunteers went to the schools , colleges and conducted various awareness sessions in preparing the next generation for this Huge task.
             With all the collective efforts, Precise planning, Volunteer support from many organization, NGO, Sponsors, Media and various government bodies.The event kick started on June 7 with taking pledge and collection of garbage's and first level of segregation at the source. 
          This event covered the entire stretch of Marina beach to Uthandi. It also had a Pan india presence covering many places.  Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Coimbatore, Madurai, Pondicherry, Thanjavur, Dharmapuri, Vizag and Hyderabad  and many NGOs in different places joined this massive event.
          Around 6000 Volunteers in the Chennai coastal stretch has collected more than 29 Tons of garbage. The interesting point is that this clean up has a segregation partner who will once again do the micro segregation of items for the recycling.

Every one who participated in the event had a huge sense of satisfaction for the contribution that they have made and many took the pledge to be more responsible in handling such waste in future. There is tons of pictures in the social media for interested people.

As every good deed will have both type of critics, i still see many of the people just posting million of ideas to handle waste, event planning etc. I feel these kind of mission will get stronger and will not be boulded by any negative comments and for all those providing suggestion and recommendations request all of them to join hands or atleast conduct such events where we will join across to support you.

A big salute to every volunteer who have spent their precious personal times in this great common mission. Wish to see increase in volunteers and reduction in garbage.

Save MotherNature #

The below is the final statistics !! 

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