Monday, October 12, 2015

A Trip to Poondi Reservious- Maiden 100+ Kms Cycling

A 100 Km Ride on my cycle was on the bucket list for some time and was discussing this with few of my running and cycling buddies. Vijay and Alwin are my buddies who also commute of office by pedal and luckily we all sit in the same floor and project. The plan was discussed and we planned to hit the poondi reservoir and if possible do a trek on the gudiyam caves. Luckily the same week we found a long week end and all three of us were in town, we decided this to be the D-Day.
                                                              As every one of us stay at different places, we planned to meet at Porur signal and start from there. As planned we met at 5.00 Am in the Porur signal and did a quick check on the accessories, hydration and planned on the trip. The weather was awesome and the pedals started to move faster after we crossed the ramachandra hospital, as the traffic was thinner. We crossed Kattupakkam, Poonamalle and reached the highway motel to take left to Thirvallur.
                                                                                        Once we crossed the highway into this route the road was awesome in just 1 km we found lot of green on either side of the road and also the road was good , as this road leads to tirupathi. We made our first pit stop around 6.00 AM in the fuel station and checked for the air. As guys moved to fill in the hydration i checked for air and we filled it for my cycles. The road was clear and weather was still in favor to us.
And we started to move on the same highway, we later reached a Tea shop to have a quick tea and snacks as most of us started feeling the pinch in the stomach. We crossed beautiful landscapes on both sides with the morning sun setting us a perfect pitch to watch. The empty coovum river was on the left side of the travel, we were next welcomed by our Kingfisher factory and we planned to make a check-in during our return trip :).
We took left after this factory which was planned by allwin to do the off-roading, we were been seen as strangers by people around and we started pedalling on the off road. A photo shoot was done on the bridge.

A perfect offroading was done with the help of the State high way department , as they have not laid the Tarmac on the road and very uneven surface with high boulders were experienced. I was worried if we may face for any stoppage due to puncture but our machines were able to manage it. The Green patches on either side was an eye treat.

we closed this offroading stunt with a big break fast in the near by town of tirvallur, luckily this shop was opened for supplying an order for the near by factory for GandhiJayanthi function. We had a big break fast costing 100 Rs for all three of us. Re filled our hydration and we have crossed more than 40 Kms by now. We planned to make our next stop at the poondy reservoir. We crossed thirvallur and then we took the Poondi road. 
This road will be one another amazing road, with very less traffic and one side you have this reserviour and other side is the green paddy field and fish farms. As sun was chasing us we pedalled and reached the poondy reserviour by 8.00 Am and we have done with around 50 + KMs, first time for me and vijay. We drove our the reservoir, had a dip in the dam, refreshed ourselves spent some time over there talking to the local dam officials and moved to our regular course of action, yes the Photo Shoot.

This reservoir is one of the main water source for Chennai, the Krishna river water also reaches this dam only. It would be like a sea if it was full, but unluckily because of lack of rain it had less water only. We saw the breeding and hatching farms set up in this dam and there were many people doing fishing in the banks of the dam.

As we were about to plan back, we realized that the Decathlon has opened its new store in Chennai. So we planned to hit back this store when we riding back. The sun has already started to toil us and we started our return journey by 11.00 and made a pit stop near the maritime college and filled our stomach. And reached the decathlon stores by 12.30 PM.
Pedalling in the hot sun and with head winds it was very challenge. we reached the stores and spent some good time in window shopping :) and started our way back.
 After reaching poonamalle we decided to move on our routes and i took the route to koyambedu and guys moved to porur.
I realized that we have crossed more than 115 Kms in the complete trip. As i complete this post we are in the planning for our next trip !!!!


selvam vijayakumar said...

Good one Satheesh!

Alwin Koshy said...

nice...lets do another this week end!!