Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pedal to Office - Week 1

It was  a long pending list that i wanted to start doing and final day came on August 10, i started to pedal to office.

As i planned to pedal the preparation work started from Sunday itself.  I reduced my laptop luggage bag by dropping my Notebook charge, Personal Note,Mobile Charger and also made sure no extra items are there( Still few to be removed).
Changed my lunch box type to fit it into my bag and took an extra pair of clothe since it is going to sweat a lot.

The first day was not an easy task for me, as i started immediately on the next day of my Olympic triathlon. But i considered this to be the warm up drive and prepared mentally.

When i was coming out of my apartment complex the look that my watch man gave towards me was funny, that this is what every one on the road is going to have on me.

I slowly started to pedal and it is after long time ( apart from events) i am leisurely going on a bicycle. The legs were aching in the beginning but i managed it by altering the speed and also by enjoying the early morning drive. 

I said to myself that i need to be more conscious, since no one considered the cyclists as a fellow companion on the road or even a human being. But the ride was good, i was able to easily pass the traffic and ride was very smooth. I have challenged myself to cross 1000 Kms with this cycle before i upgrade to any new cycle so this make me to have no choice but to pedal to office daily.
 I managed to make 60 Kms of this week1 on pedal to office. Feeling good.
Week 1 Update

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