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Spiritual Trek Series 2 - Velliangiri Hills

It was during the end of our last trek to Paruvatha Malai we decided to go sathuragiri hills and later to Vellingiri hills. Though i missed the sathuragiri hills it was lucky to make it this time.
During the end of December the plans to vellingiri hills were drafted with my office colleagues. The initial plan of train was dropped  and we took a Van to reach the place.It was planned to be a week end trip and preparatory plans for procuring the required things,preparing our team mates with the essentials geared up from the beginning of the week.Every one were very excited. We started on the Friday evening 6.30 from office and we took the Kanchipuram,Salem to reach Coimbatore. Our first destination was to reach the Isha Yoga centre for refreshing and start our onward journey. It was 6.30 AM in the morning when we reached the foot hills of vellingiri hills, which is called as Poondi. The snacks, waterbottle, biscuit, glucose, banana, bread every thing were unpacked and was provided to all the people to carry them along.The Sky was very clear with few colorful clouds and gave us a very warm welcome.

As we landed the foot hills we went to the velliangiri andavar temple and since it was very early morning. we didn't find much rush here. We were actually looking for the sticks , which will help us to climb the hill. Surprisingly there were  no place to purchase the sticks and later we were informed that the watchman of the temple have few ones. we rushed to him and paid 20 Rs/ Stick and started our onward Journey by 7.30 AM.

First Hill


The shrine of Velli Vinayagar

The entrance of the hill is on the right side of the temple and you will find steep steps infront of you. The first hill is full of steps and people say it is around 1000-1500 steps to cross the first hill. The early morning breeze was pleasant for first few steps and people were in different paces. As you move few meters the steps begins to change in the shape and the path became little tough to start climbing. After  half an hour of walk we found a small curve to take rest and also to start preparing our hydration with glucose lemon salt etc. The first hill is full of steps and we were able to see the increasing altitude as we kept moving.
At the end of the first hill we have the velli vinayagar shrine. This is a small place where you can take rest or hide in case of raining. After this there is no proper place for rest or shade.

  Second Hill


Pambatti sunnai

As we reach the second hill, it was a big relieving for every one because of the end of the steps. The second hill continues to with the steep but intrestingly there were no steps nor any smooth surface. It was full of boulders and stones. Any many places had small carvings made on the rocks which helped the people to walk on it. Every one were informed to walk carefully on this rocks as they were slippery. This place does has a  natural spring which is the one of the source of water in the hills. The water was very tasty  and we decided to have our breakfast here. By here the 14 member gang has already got split into 3 groups based on the pace. But at this place we ensured every one were there and the first pack of chappatti with jam was almost over.



  Third Hill



After our breakfast, every one started the journey. The breakfast helped many to regain the lost energy and people started asking for the distance,climate,etc from the people who were returning back. The third hill again has complete stretch with steep and slippery rocks , atmost care is required as we walk on this. There are carvings made on the rock to provide grip to the foot. 

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There is also a natural water spring here, it is hard to believe and find the source of it. The water has a very different taste and also it is chill. So most of us refilled our water bottles and prepared the hydration pack with glucose, electral etc for the climb. It also has some shades with huge tress to take a small break or nap.

  Fourth Hill


Sidhar Ottar's Samathi

  Fifth Hill


S Bheeman KaliyruandaiHill

The next hill are almost continuous, we will have few climbs and few steep descends to manage. We had a very great natural valley on oneside and were moving on the edges of the hills during some times too. This below picture is some of the places that we pass through when we climb this hills. we actually started experiencing the chill weather as we moved to the fifth hill. After you cross the hills there is a steep descend which will land you on the sixth hills.

  Sixth Hill



If you have been very tired then the best place to take rest is in the sixth hill. This place is like a paradise, we were able to see many different types of trees on the one side and also the other side of the path had a huge valley and we can see the western ghat section and the catchment area of the siruvani dam and water falls. At the begining of the of this hill we had a cold water spring. The water was very clear and the place is like a baby pool. The moment you get into the water , the body completely becomes so chill and you actually feel refreshed. All of us had a dip in this spring and started to move forward.
Also there is one Tea shop where you get black tea. There was a complete surprise for us as we found some people have camped there and prepared food for them and also were providing to other people who were enroute to the hill top. It would have been a huge task for that team who have carried all the groceries,vessels etc. When enquired we understood they are a team who are making trip every month to different hills.

  Seventh Hill


Swayambhu Lingam- Lord Vellingiri

Once you cross the sixth hill the last hilltop is completely visible to us. As we moved up we found a small intresting group of one adult and 3 kids. We were surprised to see the kids climbing the steep boulders and enjoying every bit of it. The best part was the man who was accompanying them was patiently explaining about hills, forest etc and keeping them engaged. He was carrying all their luggage's and were slowly moving. For many of us this kids were really a motivators during the tiresome last leg. This hill actually gave us a different challenge as the boulders were steep and big. As we reached the hilltop we found the time was around 1.30 Pm. It has taken around 6 hours to reach the hill top. We offered our prayers for the Shiva Lingam there and started waiting for the regrouping of tall the people. I hit a conversation with the kids and they didn't show any sign of tiredness and they were actually enjoying the whole trip. 
The hilltop has heavy windflow, inspite of the summer the weather on side of the hilltop is to cold and we were not able to spend on this side for more time. We need to move to the other side of the rock which had a chill weather but it was pleasant. As we waited for other we discussed lot of topics including Isha,AOL,Babramdev since we had people of different faith joined in this trip. we had some snacks and food that we took over and we planned to start of return journey by 2.30 PM. The return journey also gave equal toughness but this time we need to be very careful and the usage of sticks were realized by most of us as it helped to avoid falling. After 4.30 Hours of time by 7.00 Pm we reached the foot hill in the evening hours. The First hill with steep steps will really test your patience as you see the lights in the below villages will be moving very slow to you and will take much time for us to reach there.

Over all this trip tested the endurance of many but the end every one had a great feeling of completing this trek. There were many interesting people that we met during the journey and have many memorable moments which will stay ever green for all of us.

In case if you are planning to make a trip the below can be helpful.

1. How to Reach :

* The foot hills is known as POONDI and is 30 KM from Coimbatore City.
* You have few buses plying from Gandhipuram main bus stand / railway station to this place.

2. Opening Period: 

This hill  is open for public from January mid till may end.

3. Essentilas to carry:

     Water Bottle, Torch with batteries, Little food,

4. Clothing: 

Be an comforable clothing with slippers / shoe with good grip.

5. Stay Plan: 

In case if you plan to stay ensure you have proper sheet to cover you. The nights are extreme cold over there.
Note:There is no single shop where you will be able to get water, you will rely on couple of natural spring enroute only so kindly be prepared.

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Thanks Satheesh for sharing the Blog... Really interesting... Also very good compilation of the entire journey with nice photos.. Good Job and Good Show.