Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Cyclone Cycling - Nov 2015

When every one where worried about the continuous rain because of the Cycloses in Novemeber 2015 few of us planned to do the Cycling in the rain and tossed the idea of "Cyclone Cycling".

I rode till guindy to meet aditya and ezhil as few other dropped out hearing the early morning thunder @4.00 AM. There was little drizzle but was no signs that there is going to be a down pour. When we all 3 assembled and discussed that we will hit the semmozhi poonga, Valluvarkottam, kasimedu bridge and then move to besant nagar and comeback to guindy to disperse. 

As we just completed our plan and ensured for other safety the rain started pouring down.

Deserted Road
@ the Start
We were only people riding on the road in the heavy rain and many were looking at us crazy and were surprised to see us with the cycles. We went crossed the Semmozhi poonga, then valluvar kottam, Parrys and then reached kasimedu bridge. The weather was perfect here as the rain stopped and were little drizzle across. There were many people on the boat back from the sea after shipping. We found the waves were little rough on the shores and we experimented few photo snaps standing on the rocks.

After our kasimedu bridge visit we started to besant nagar beach. Intrestingly whenever we stopped the cycling the rain also stopped and when we planned to move the rain started again. When we were near the War memorial we had less visibility as the rain was downpouring. We spent some at the war memorial and talking of all the subject we know about the world war 1 and 2 and if 3 will come etc.  We crossed the Napier bridge and we reached the Marina beach.

War memorial
Napier bridge
We were surprised to see our shores were even full of water. We were not able to user the service lanes, as they were fully submerged. There were kids playing on the rain water and few bikers cleaning their bikes and few zooming in the water and testing the power of their bike. We found it was perfect location for photo shoot. But the conitinious showers didnt give us enough time to click well. But we managed to click few pics and we planned to pedal back after a soup from the beach.
Marina Beach @ the serice road
Once again these guys proved to be crazy and we all had a very interesting time and great satisfaction on completing our "Cyclone Cycling"

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