Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Look Back on my Longest Project - Saint Gobain - Innovative Materials.

            The time has flew so fast, before i could realize i see that this my 7th Year in the SG-IM Project ( Not old as we have many veterans). I tried to recollect what made me stay back for so long and could not find any other reason than this single reason "The Team". On all my previous experiences i have never worked with such a big team or in a single place as i have been only on  implementations.Every Individuals have been so much supportive and i always felt this as One Family than a Team.

After Joining this project it did not take much time for me to anchor on the technical areas quickly to manage the deliverables on the support process. And the consecutive engagements in the other project like Upgrades, Roll-outs, NRT Projects, PeM Activities etc kept  me engaged in my work.

       To keep my work interesting i ensured to keep  myself engaged on many Team Building and other activities, which helped me to interact and engage across project in this account and also outside. And the Support from all the team member has always been fabulous.

      Every day  have been interesting for me and never felt bored. There were many interesting days as part of my work and also outside.  Knowledge Sharing sessions, Share Nets, Go-Lives, Team Lunch, Dinners, Team Outing,Fun-Fridays,Year end celebrations, Bay Decorations,Ethnic Days,Chennaiyil Galatta  and many more.

     All this would not have happened if there was not enough trust and support from my  team and all leaders in this  project. So i am always obliged and grateful to all the support rendered by every one of them. I have learn't a lot from all of you on Professional and Personal Front and those are the assets that i carry from this Project.
  I am stepping out of all my comfort zones that i had for all this years in this project  and will be exploring new opportunities in IBM.

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As we live in "Digital Village" we will be meeting soon as part of work or if your interests are in Volunteering,Running,Cycling, Trekking,Organic Farming etc.
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Wishing you all the best !!


Mirudhuneka Senthiil said...

Satheesh, You are one such awesome multifaceted personality and it is highly commendable. A token of thanks for all your motivations and mentoring that helped me shape my career. I have seen many similarities in thought process and interests between us and You will be ever remembered. Great going & wish you good luck on your new engagement!!!

Sridhar Hariharan said...

Satheesh - all the best - You are very supportive for all initiative and always helpful.
Wishing you a successful future.

Best of Luck

Prem Anand said...

Thanks Satheesh for all your deliverables in saint-gobain project and it is a great moments to work with you . Also appreciate your interest in other extra curricular activities apart from the client delivery and hope you too enjoyed the multiple roles that you have played in. Wishing you all the best in your future engagements and hope we meet again in the future. Take care.

Sethu kanagasabapathy said...

Hi Sathish,

Wish you Best of luck for your new assignment and a great career in IBM.
Thank you for all your contributions to Saint-Gobain account and IBM overall. Though I interacted with you often only in the recent past, your knowledge and experience on varied subject impressed me many a times. Keep up your interest.

"TOPSLIP" trip will be recalled many a times in the coming years by our group.

We miss you. Good luck once again.