Tuesday, January 24, 2017

TWCM2016- A Wrap Up

It was another great experience to complete my another Full Marathon. For the year 2016 i thought to do only events with CTC and the TWCM2016. The only objective i had in my mind was to complete the event at least by 5.30 Minutes when i registered across. As part of the training for my running group i was able to manage some of the runs but was not fully structural in my training.
I Manged to run with few of my running buddies of IBM. I was clocking a decent timing of 1.10 Min's for 10 Kms and my pace was set up @ 6 to 6.30 till 15 Kms. So i ensured i do some long distance as part of my training and attempted few 15 kms run and attempted 25 Kms runs also. As the training were in place and the rhythm was in good shape. 
Then came the Vardha and most of the roads were blocked by uprooted trees and this pushed some of the pace on which the training was happening. The dates were not announced and some of my travel played a spoil sport.
The D-Day arrived and i ensured that i will be some pacers especially with the 5 Hours Bus. Some simple stretches and warm up kept me ready for the event. But there were small delay in starting at 4.00 Am and it delayed by 10-15 Mins. The event was flagged off and the starting was good. The pacing split band on the hand actually helped me to be tracking on the pace. The first 10 Kms went good and i was actually on time as per the pace. As we were coming back from besant nagar we started mixing with the HM crowd which actually pulled little back and when i reached the besant nagar the 10 KM crowd starting joining in the opposite direction. At this time i noticed that i was running with the 5 hour Bus. I managed to keep my hydration limited with little salt and water. But i guess it was near the May1 Statue on the marina beach. Until this point my body was actually doing good and mentally kept me engaged in cheering others and thinking of my finishing.

Looks i have taken little more salt and the banana i ate made my stomach full and suddenly i felt that i will be vomiting now. As i started moving towards the U-Turn point this was actually becoming so bad and people on road actually starting asking me if i was okay.  You know on this few seconds there were million flashes to quit or to run and when i was in high dilemma i found a shout from Ganesh (CTC) if i was ok and was explaining him that i need some water as i was feeling tough to move. He started pulling me saying that the Aid station is next and we can relax a bit there. So i managed to walk to the aid station and he helped me to relax and took plenty of water and the good thing was that they had watermelons which actually helped me to come out of vomitting feel. But i sensed that i was improving this and we both were chatting about to finishing it together and checked still we had enough time to be on tract to do a 5.30 Marathon. I requested ganesh to take lead as i planned to do the walk / run mode. At the U-turn point i saw the 6 Hour Bus pacers on the way, which boosted back again about that we will be able to completing on time. At this jucntion i found my second rescuer @arun mohit who was actually on the 4 Hour bus felt bad with the crowd and planned to slow down. As we were speaking together he was literally pulling me up and we planned to run together..by this time were back on the beach road we decided to keep a low pace and ensure slow jog is continuously done and try to cross the 6 Hours bus who actually took a lead, when  we reached the 30 Km mark we were around 4 Hours and we  were actually dreaming to be on a good time if we can maintain the pace.(didnt foresee the next hurdles). The 10 KM crowd were actually waling left /right of the road for which we took the help of cyclist Elango to clear the path for some distance. This actually helped us a lot.
The route on  beach road towards the besant nagar was once again tiring as the sun was up and it started pulling us back for more hydration. I ensured that the i was always away running before the 6 hour bus. The besant nagar stretch was tough as were exposed to the direct sun and actually it was de-hydrating a lot so i ensured that i sipped water on the alternate aid station and in the last stretch i got a company from a bare foot runner we both joined company and reached the Malar hospital bridge during which the traffic was open and i ran in the opposite direction along the median and managed to reach Madhya kailash. By then there were many finishers from 10K,HM, FM and there was lot of encouragement. And my watch was nearing the 6 hour cut off. As I turned toward the CIPET ground i saw the timer which was running at 5H 56M and there was a huge relief and tried to put some strides on the finish line to grab the finisher medal. This was one another wonderful run to cherish. Special thanks to @vijayan gopalasamy +selvam vijayakumar  for running along with me during training.

Things that favoured on the day:
1. No Cramp any where.
2. Didnt take long break
3. Continuous Jog/Walk/ Run
To be more focus on below things.
1. Hydration to be controlled.
2. More stretch and strengthening.
3. More training with long mileage.  

Overall DistanceOverall TIMEOverall PACEOverall SPEEDLap DistanceLap TIMELap PACELap SPEED
10.73km01:15:3707:03 min/km8.5km/h10.73Km01:15:3707:03 min/km8.5km/h
17.36km02:04:1007:10 min/km8.3km/h6.63Km00:48:3407:20 min/km8.1km/h
24.51km03:13:3807:54 min/km7.5km/h7.15Km01:09:2809:43 min/km6.1km/h
31.51km04:19:1308:14 min/km7.2km/h7Km01:05:3609:23 min/km6.4km/h
36.72km05:12:3408:31 min/km7.0km/h5.21Km00:53:2110:15 min/km5.8km/h
42.2km05:56:5108:28 min/km7.0km/h5.475Km00:44:1708:06 min/km7.4km/h