Saturday, February 11, 2017

21D430AM Challenge - Day 6

Today was not my day, slept long as the week end fever was up. So previous night i was hanging with the mobile  and Tv for long time and actually hit the bed @ 1.00 PM only. Inspite late to bed i woke up @ 4.30 AM but could not move out from the bed and i myself carried an excuse of getting up late and i got up @ 6.30 am. Could feel the unrest during my run and managed to do a 10 KM in 70 Minutes. But i can feel that the sleep was not enough and planned to hit the bed early.
I am making up mind to put a time for Social Media and will be exploring its possibility and planning to add it some time soon. As plan of that i have switched all the Mobile alerts in the home screen which reduces the curiosity. 
Over all the body is aligning well and feeling good..

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