Sunday, May 7, 2017

Give Back Session - Current Trends in the IT for MBA Grads

                        It was indeed a double delight when my travel plans was in sync with the planned guest lecture session to the SNT GAMSAT  college,an exclusive management education academy. As the complete audience was the MBA graduates the topic was aligned with one of the academic papers which was about the Role of the Information Management in ERP, E-Business, E-Governance,BigData, etc.
                  My current project was consuming all my time and i was not able to fully focus on the topics but as i planned to not to go more technical i managed to quickly wind up conceptually on the topics. But as i planned to give some take aways through the slide i have to rely on my transit time during my flights to complete the PPT.
                                      I reached the college as planned @ 9.30 am and had a good reception and discussion with the principal and with regular intros we started the session around 9.45AM. I tried to make the session more interactive and the response started to pickup after few of the casual talks. I was able to understand that the students had lot of questions but hesitant to throw it up to the speaker. So i have to pull them up with many leads and ensure the session was driven interactively. As they were of Management graduates i wanted to keep not much of IT terms but to drive the session with the business terms.
                            We had a quick break and during this break time had an opportunity to visit the facilities of the college. The college was completely Wi-Fi and it is completely accessible to the students , the library was good and the buy 1000 books per year with subscription to many journals and industry publications.It had computer lab with all latest statistical software loaded and for a bigger surprise every student has his own PC with 24/7 access. 

The second half had some more momentum as the topics was on the E-Business, Social Marketing etc for which the students had good response. And the topic on the E-Governance pulled us to discuss on some of the social issues and the roles of individuals etc.And considering the time limit i quickly wrapped up on the CMMI and other topics.
so during the conclusion when were about to wind up the whole session , the Assistant professor introduced me once again to the students that i was her own brother which ended up as sweet surprise to the students.
          I enjoyed the session and as i write this i was also given a good feedback from the students. I personally felt that students are still dis-engaged with the current trends of the industry. I have discussed few points and have to move forward to get them prepared to face the institutions.

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