Thursday, August 24, 2017

2017- 10 X 10 - Day 1 Be Shameless

I am attempting my 10 X10 running series once again for this year. For some one who is new to running this is about running every day 10 Kms for next 10 days. No Break during this days. This challenge is not driven externally but set by myself or generally every one puts their own challenge. Along with running i also decide to put one lesson on each day that i have learn't and which i recommend for newbies in Running. So in case if you have already run some running event and have participated in long distance running, you can close the browser and carry on then next job, if not then proceed.
#1. Be Shameless
One of the most challenging part i have seen when people ask me about how your run on roads, Don't people stare you, Is it not Awkward to run on roads, Why do you run at this age?
So if you had any such doubts then or if you have been pushing to start this running , then you need to take this first point of running is to be Shameless.  Which means don't mind others and just if you put your health as priority then be #shameless and start focus on running or any other physical fitness that keeps you happy.

The next people should be #shameless is about their physique and attire. I am fat , obesse - how do i run, How do i run on shorts or pants etc.  I reply them we need to run as we are not in shape and this is one physical regimen which we can help you to be back on form. Every one will agree that any marathon what we participate the 30  Year+ Age people outnumber the Younger age group. So all this people are on road to keep them fit and health. 
About the attire i request all to be on comfortable attire that helps them to run and to stay with all the "Performance Fabric" which is on the market. Unless you are on mission to win an Olympic gold medal.

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