Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is happening with running?

It is almost 30 days before i have put my shoes to run. I had so many target for this year with atleast one HM every month.Everything started well in the begining days of year..then happened my first miss of muthu marathon on a personal reason. Then the target was for the Jan27 HM of Cool runners in midway of preparation met with an ankle injury and now with a big Plaster of Paris on my left leg. so which will take my next 2 weeks to remove this and 2 more weeks on the Ankle Binder. Which will cost my Dream Run on the Auroville also to be missed. So straight 3 events missed.

With all said above i am now putting up a still heavy target of an ENTICER TRIATHLON on march 24. Will i  and I WILL is the Q& A running up at different instances on my mind.

But for sure i will complete my reading run on the Book BORN TO RUN which i have taken from the Biggest library of chennai.

Reading this book and plan to Re Read, Re Read, Re Read so such amazing things in it..


Arun Bala said...

Nice one. Get well soon Satheesh. All the best.

satheesh kumar Dhandapani said...

Thanks and 2 weeks to go.