Thursday, February 7, 2013

Born To Run - Bible for Runners

I have never read any book related to running till now. I am novice to running and will have my running anniversary only in the month of May 2013 in terms of participating in an event. But After my first event i was recommended to read the book BORN TO RUN. After i completing it now , i realize that even before i bought the running shoes i should have bought this book or picked from the local library ( accidentally i got it in a English literature section).

Such an amazing book, i don't remember so much things from the book but one bottom line i realize from this book is that running is not to be made complicated like it is discussed across in many forums.It is a natural capability that we always had from the birth. We didn't utilize them or we forgot that we had such an amazing capability. 

I never knew that running is the biggest sport participated in this world. I can imagine that in each marathon there are thousands of runners participate. And every year one million people register for marathon.

This book also grazes across the sports injuries and on statistics every runner at least get injured at least once in a year(I am victim of it now). And another amazing fact is , even the advanced running shoes doesn't guarantee you on any injury free running and covers a beautiful subject about the Barefoot running.

It also covers some of the ultra marathons that you will dare to dream.

It covers so many thing and in my view this book is a guide to understand our ability to run, a medical guide to understand the anatomy of our feet, collection of inspiring stories, get to know the running legends,Great races.

I Planned to Read it again, again and again.

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