Tuesday, September 5, 2017

2017-10-x-10-day -8- # Why Cross Training ?

This is the Day 8 of my 10 X10 series.It is 8th Day and being Saturday gave me all excuse to wake-up late and complete my run and continue to work.
            The next topic i wanted to cover was on the importance of Cross training, which i myself lack and not focusing much.

What is Cross Training?

                     When you started to run and be with a running group or star discussing any forums then you will see this Term Cross Training being popping up in all discussion and more emphasize is given even more than running by many people.
                     As you start running regularly there is a set of motion that the body,muscle and mind gets recorded and get accustomed. Apart from the regular muscles there  is much of flexibility and strength is required for the same and other muscles in different forms.
                  So activities like Cycling, swimming, Core - Strengthening , Gym etc are being treated as part of cross training activities. And these are planned inbetween the run days.
In general most of the regular runners like to mix this cross training within the regular run schedule as 2 days/ week or once in a week.

You can read more about the Cross training here Eight-benefits-of-cross-training

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