Tuesday, September 5, 2017

2017-10-x-10-day -9- # What distance to Run?

Day 9 , this day was interesting as i have to take my friends for a cycling outing i planned to push my running to the evening. Managed to complete a 25 Km cycling on the outskirts and completed my 10 K running in the evening. The saddle sore was still there when during all my running. And the mind was feeling good and was end of the tired zone to complete this 10X10 running series.
                                Amazingly i am also about to complete my 10 X 10 writing series also. And i planned to write about the distance to run in this post.

#How much distance should i run ?

              There is no single distance that some one can recommend how much you should run. Since as you start running you will start understanding your body, how it responds to physical stress, how your hear rate beats, how comfortable after every distance, how your entire metbolism work pre/post/during run all matters.
                 But i can firmly say that you run until your mind and body is feeling comfortable.During the initial days you will find it tough to run event between 2 or 3 lamp posts,and after 2 or 3 weeks you will find that 3-5 Km is comforable to run and after 2-3 months you will find the 10 Km is not a big game.
               After you reach this level there is no fixed distance that you can be prescribed with. You will define your own course in running.

#The only  rule

        There is only one rule that you should follow is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. As we are running for the fitness, we should always be conscious in listening to your body. The body periodically tunes us and also sends signals in different form for us to listen.
         Every day is new and every second is unique so if you are not comfortable dont push your body beyond the limits. Even when there is a war between mind and body. Listen to your body and decide.

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