Friday, September 1, 2017

2017-10-x-10-day -7- # Why Register for an Marathon Event

            This is the Day 7 of my 10 X10 series. As the days goes the legs are becoming sore but not the mind. Have managed to complete 7 days and last 3 days to go. It was one of the bucket list for this year before i upgrade myself fully for more running. 
           Another best part along with running was that i planned to write and share some of my experience for the Newbies who wanted to start the running. And today it is about why to register and run a marathon event?

Why Register for  a Marathon Event?

                       If you have never run any event and if you have been already in the early stages of running , you have to immediately register for the event on the category which ever you planned to do. 
                       Registering for an event gives multiple benefits at least for the newbies as these days every event are becoming too expensive.

1. Experience:              

After hearing from many , reading about them still you will have many questions that will be unanswered,  but i gurantee you that the moment you register for an event all the questions will start getting vanished. And by the end of the event you will have nothing to ask but only experience to share. That is the biggest beauty of these marathon events.

2.High Spirit and motivation:

When you start running with 100 or 1000 or 10000 People you will experience the high volt energy every one carry from the start till the end of the event. You will experience many unknown souls encouraging you, pushing you to complete, congratulating you post run and you will get immense such that you will be reciprocating the same to many people in the event.

3. Meet the Mentors:

These events also provides opportunity to meet many mentors who will indirectly influence in a very positive manner. You will find many people in all shapes and sizes cruising you towards the finish line. you will be impressed with some of the people who overcome all the physical barriers and still participate in the running events. You also find people providing you all the tips and tricks to be consistent in the running.

4. Your First Milestone:

This memory will be everlasting and you will be carrying it as every green. And this will also help you to focus on the training as post registration to any event, you get emails on training schedules, plant, and many advice's on diet and hydration. 
        This will also help you to evaluate the results out of  the training that you have done and lessons learn't and course correction that you need to do.

When there are many benefits , the above are few which i feel them to be on top priority.

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2 # Take Baby Steps

3 # Join a Running Group

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5 #Warmup & Cool Down !!!

6# Best Time to Run

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