Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Cycling to Thol @Ahmedabad

           My original plan was to go for a Off Road cycling by taking bike for rent on Saturday evening, but my work was only over by 8.30 PM and i was aware that @revolution bike store is closed by then, so i didn't call them back.
                  But as i reached back my guest house, my friends ajay was asking me about the  cycling trip as he is now getting hooked for the cycling. ( Previous week we went on the Canal Ride). So i called to Rahul and check if he had some slot and luckily he said he can accommodate Us. So both of us planned to start @ 5.15 to reach the Bike store early in the morning. This time i was saved by my wake up call @ 5.00 Am and managed to reach the Bike store @ 5.35 expecting that we will be last to reach. But surprised (Actually Normal) saw only few people making registration.The regular registration,Bike check , Intro was done for route and safety .
From the revolution bike store we reached the SG Highway > Sindhu Bhavan Road > Gotila Garden> SP Ring Road and reach the Shilaj Road. Until you cross this you will be on a high traffic area and once you take the Left turn on the Shilaj Road then you will find less traffic and not much heavy vehicles are on the Road. It was a a pleasant morning so weather was perfect and it was around 6.30 when we were crossing this places. Was happy to see some of the fellow cyclist and runner on the road. I reached the Canal and this time there was water flowing and it was very scenic to watch the fog on the water.  


As i was waiting for Ajay to reach then we started together. The road post this place is not smooth because of the recent monsoon but was fair enough to drive even on roadie. There were many peacock and peahens which were singing and dancing on the fields. Surely if my DSLR would have been there , it would have been delight of the lenses. I kept pedaling enjoying the outskirts of Ahmadabad and also some quick chat with fellow riders.

After a  little long drive we reached the kadi Road and and took left and nearly after 1 Km we found a Cyclist with Flat tyre and the support vehicle was already on the job to get them back to roads. We need to take a narrow road from here to reach the bird sanctuary and both sides of this road was like Green Carpets and it actually took back me to my own place were it is fully surrounded by farmland and water bodies.

When i reached there were already fellow cyclists and also the support crew ready with some energizing bars, Hydration etc. It was good to have a quick bite and met some new friends there and sharing their cycling experience and also about the place and the sanctuary. For  more details about the Thol Sanctuary is Click Here !! 
But i have already that this a huge lake with trees spread in midst of the water, which actually helps the birds to halt during their migratory season for resting, and also some of them stay back and build their Nest around this trees. The birds find it comfortable as there is not much of disturbances from the external elements. So round the year we will find many birds in such places and specific species only during the migratory season. 

I missed the group photo as was busy walking around the lake. As the sun was starting to come up every one started their ride back and me too joined the band. AS we followed the same route , the return was not much interesting but i enjoyed the ride and made some pits stops to watch the peacocks and lakes.

Look like this place is perfect for a Night Camping. Need to check the possibility soon and next one to be planned is the Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary !!

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