Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Day 10 # Running - A Long Journey after small Steps

Finally the Day 10 is on ...and this is kind of a back to back running. As i have to complete my last running on sunday evening and starting my next day run on this Monday morning.
But of all this 10 days this days is the amazing one !! As i end this series surely the next one needs to be little longer in distance and days is what my mind says !!!

# Running - A Long after small steps.

            Not many will start enjoying the running in initial days as it is going to be tough to manage the initial days.  As all your things should get placed in order which includes your body accepting this strain, Your time being adjusted by the work, family, personal spend etc.

           But surely i can say in confidence that it is just matter of days and week for any of the above constraints to fall in place and you sill start enjoying the run and the benefits will be very explicitly exposed to you by yourself and also by others.

         Many days there is going to be war as you get up from the bed between the watch and your shoe. Whenever your shoe wins , you will be on the track or road or field running some distance.

        You will find yourself more organized in time, diet and planning also. As more planning is required as you grow up in the running regime. You need to plan your trainings, You need to plan your events accordingly you need to plan your event and for every event you need to plan your travel, stay like this. This will actually help you organized.

        This long journey gives many benefits for yourself and also indirectly for people around you also.
       All the above can only be experienced if you have not picked your running gear i bet do pick a one and catch you after your 10 X10 Series !! Happy Running.

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