Thursday, August 24, 2017

2017- 10 X 10 - Day 2 # Baby Steps

Day 2 of my 10 X 10. Always for any milestone we plan the day2 is more important to keep the momentum in live. In this 10 X 10 Series i also like to introduce the some of the basic points which many of the newbies ask generally to me and also in multiple forum.

The General Question - How much distance should i run daily? How do i run 5 KM or 10 KM?

The answer for this is simple - It is called Baby Steps.

#3. Baby Steps : Trust all would have experienced and noticed that as kids grow a little hand holding is required to make them crawl,stand, walk and run. This happens by nature and not much training. So is the Running not much research and training is required to start the running or any physical activity.

Just take baby steps, start with few meters of walk , jog and walk. So start moving slowly and the rhythm will follow you soon. These Baby steps are required to understand  our physical form ,evaluate them and increase or decrease the intensity progressively. This will also ensure that we do not end up in any injury or hurting ourselves. 
So follow this rule as #2 and keep moving and enjoy Running. 

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