Sunday, August 27, 2017

2017-10 X 10 - Day 4 # What Running Gears are Mandatory

It is Day 4 of me running  a 10 X 10 series . Today  switched from barefoot to my new Asic's Gel 2 running shoes. Glad that i have did 4 days and next 2 days are bigger challenge due to my travel.

I trust for the newbies , my earlier posts  about #1 Be shameless#2 Take Baby Steps 
and #3 Running in a Group would have been of little helpful and i planned to cover up on the next topic where every newbies post queries about the running gears that people are using.

As you start running in the groups you will find people with all fancy gears like Hydration Bag / Belt,Garmin Watches, Flying Shoes, Dry Fit apparel , Nutrition Bars, etc etc. So which one are the required Gears for you.

What are all the Mandatory running Gears ?

In my personal view the will power for you to run and a pair of strong legs is the first mandatory hear that one need to have. And post that whatever you add to them depends on your goal that you like to achieve, which eventually varies person to Person.

I like to list few gears that you need focus on 

1. Running Shoes: As a beginners a normal running shoe is better to start with. Even if that is a white canvas shoe that is also good. Start with a entry level shoe that should be fine to start with. Once  you find you are comfortable and you are planning to increase your running mileage more than 20-25 Kms per week then think of Buying your next pair of shoe which by then you would have become expert in reading review and analyzing your posture and foot type.

2. Apparel - The above logic applies for apparel also. Ensure  you are on comfortable clothing which suits Running activity, Climate in which you are running  and your body also.
You can start with any dry-fit apparel

3.Other Electronic Gadget - If you have a smart phone with a GPRS connection this can do all the basic requirement and later you can upgrade to all other accessories.

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Happy Running !!!

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