Saturday, August 26, 2017

2017- 10 X 10 - Day 3 # Join a Running Group

It is Day 3 of my running 10 X 10 series and after landing late in night i managed to start my running late @ 9.00 AM and completed it. As i had issues in my shoe i have to run barefoot.

In today's post i am writing about why it is important to start running in a group ? If you are a newbie and missed do read about my previous  posts about #1 Be shameless and  #2 Take Baby Steps

Why running in group is important ?
1. The running group will help you keep your spirits high and will motivate you in multiple ways.
2. You will get to know many fellow runners who have come across many struggles to be consistent in running.
3. You get many tips and tricks about posture, pace, hydration, nutrition etc.
4.  You will also get tips to plan your running goal.
5. You will get some running buddies who may give you a Lift, Wake up call etc.

and many more advantages of being in group can be experienced. 

How to join the Running Group? - Just google or search in face book or register for an running event - You will be wondered to see the numbers

In case if there is no group - Then you are luck to start the one and tag with other group.

Happy running.

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