Tuesday, August 29, 2017

2017-10 X 10 - Day 5 # Warm Up,Stretch & Cool Down

Day 5 of 10 X 10

It is Day 5 of my running 10 X 10 series and it begin-ed with a high tale and twists. And it is going strong. Becoz of my travel i missed my  yesterday's routine and made sure that i run today. The odds were against me in terms of heavy rain and a misplaced package. But i some how wanted to complete today as from tomorrow it is count down only !!
In today's post i am writing about why it is important to do the Warm up , Stretches and cool down ? If you are a newbie and missed do read about my previous  posts about #1 Be shameless and  #2 Take Baby Steps

Why warm up?

Ideally if you are an active day and like to start your running at the end of the day , then your Joints & muscles are already active. But most of us prefer to run in the morning after a sound sleep. So before we start our running routine, it is important that we do minimum 10-15 mins of warm up, so that we increase the body temperature, Prepares your heart to be ready for the higher beats, Prepares the blood circulation to the muscles and signals all parts of the body to be prepared for the running. In simple terms it help to increase the flexibility and loosen the body completely.

This is very important so that you maintain your running profile to be injury free and also increase your performance.

Why Cool down and Stretch?

After every physical activity , we need to ensure that we do a proper cool down and stretching. Cool down will again bring back the increased heart rate, blood circulation back to normal stage.Post cool down stretching is required so that it will ensure that you have enough flexibility and avoid any stress on the joints and muscles.

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