Thursday, August 31, 2017

2017-10 X 10 - Day 6 # Best time to Run !!!

Day 6 of 10 X 10 

       It is Day 7 of my running 10 X 10 series i could not run yesterday for various reason but did not want to miss today. It was late in the morning but ensured that i will hit the roads and managed to complete the day 6. As i was running late i planned to touch on the topic -What is the best time to run ?

What is the Best Time to Run?

       There is no specific time to run as per my personal view is considered. I prefer to run in the early morning which by psycology keeps me active during the entire day but i have also run in almost in all the times. Early morning, Late evening, Mid night and in Noon during various events.
         And i have also seen people taking a quick break during the office lunch hours and making a quick 5k to 10K and of course this is not in India but in western countries. 
         More than the time what is important is how conditioned the body is and how comfort the mind is to manage this. Before any run even during practice or event many prefer to have a good sleep or less stress. So it is better to plan the timing so that you get enough rest before the start of the run.
         There is also different school of thoughts which prefers to run in the evening which  is because the body is already warmed up with series of activites that you would have done during the course of the day.

The best judge:

        So the best judge would be your own personal experience and also the work schedule and the calendar you follow. So irrespective of the time if you enjoy the run then time does not matter herer. #craZZyRunning.

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